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The influence of British royalty on formal wear

British royalty has long been a beacon of style and sophistication, setting the standard for fashion and influencing trends across the globe. In today's post, we explore the impact of British royalty on the world of formal wear and how their timeless elegance continues to inspire. 👑🇬🇧

  1. King Edward VII: Often considered the father of modern formal wear, King Edward VII popularized the black tie dress code in the early 20th century. His preference for a shorter dinner jacket over traditional tails was a significant departure from the previous standard and laid the groundwork for the enduring black tie look. 🎩
  2. Prince of Wales (Edward VIII): As a style icon of his time, the Prince of Wales was known for his impeccable taste in clothing. He introduced the midnight blue dinner jacket, which has since become a popular alternative to the classic black jacket in formal wear. 🌃
  3. Queen Elizabeth II: Her Majesty has been a steadfast figure of elegance throughout her reign, setting the tone for women's formal wear with her choice of gowns and accessories. Her style often showcases the best of British design and craftsmanship, celebrating the country's rich fashion heritage. 👸
  4. Prince Charles: As a champion of traditional British tailoring, Prince Charles has maintained a classic approach to formal wear throughout his life. He is known for his expertly tailored suits and an unwavering commitment to quality and detail. 🧵
  5. Prince William and Prince Harry: The younger generation of British royalty continues to uphold the tradition of elegant formal wear. Both Prince William and Prince Harry are known for their polished and refined appearances at state events, royal weddings, and other formal occasions. 🤵

At Buckleigh of London, we are honored to play a part in this rich history of British royal influence on formal wear.
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