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Famous fashion moments from Royal Ascot throughout the years.

"Iconic Fashion Moments at Royal Ascot: A Retrospective"

🎩👒 From daring designs to timeless elegance, Royal Ascot has seen it all. Join us as we reminisce on some of the most unforgettable fashion moments throughout the years. #RoyalAscot #FashionMoments #BuckleighOfLondon

✨ Royal Ascot is not only a prestigious horse racing event but also a showcase of some of the finest fashion moments in history. Let's take a trip down memory lane and recall some of the most iconic Royal Ascot fashion moments through the years.

1. Princess Diana (1986): Princess Diana's elegant white dress and matching wide-brimmed hat, embellished with a simple navy bow, showcased her effortless sophistication and grace.

2. Audrey Hepburn (1964): Hepburn's iconic black-and-white ensemble, complete with a striking monochrome hat, was a perfect example of her timeless and chic sense of style.

3. Isabell Kristensen (2013): Renowned fashion designer Kristensen made a statement with her extravagant butterfly hat, which featured an array of colourful butterflies that appeared to be in flight.

4. The Queen (2018): Her Majesty looked regal and radiant in a vibrant lime green ensemble, complemented by an eye-catching purple feather in her hat.

5. Kate Middleton (2017): The Duchess of Cambridge wowed the crowd with her elegant white lace dress, paired with a delicate fascinator, a nod to the classic Ascot style.

These unforgettable fashion moments are just a few examples of the creativity and elegance that have become synonymous with Royal Ascot. As you prepare for this year's event, why not create your own iconic fashion moment?

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