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The role of the British Royal Family at Royal Ascot.

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🎩 Royal Ascot, held annually in June, is a highlight of the British social calendar and is steeped in history and tradition. Since its inception in 1711, it has been closely associated with the British Royal Family. Let's explore the role of the royals at this esteemed event.

1. The Royal Procession: Each day of Royal Ascot begins with the Royal Procession, a tradition that dates back to 1825. The Queen, accompanied by other members of the royal family, arrives in a horse-drawn carriage, marking the official start of the day's races.

2. The Queen's Horses: The Queen has a long-standing passion for horse racing and has owned several racehorses throughout her reign. Her horses have competed in Royal Ascot numerous times, with some even winning the prestigious event.

3. The Royal Enclosure: Reserved exclusively for the royal family and their invited guests, the Royal Enclosure is a highly sought-after section of the racecourse. It enforces a strict dress code and offers the best views of the racing action.

4. Royal Ascot and Charity: The British Royal Family has always been dedicated to charitable causes. Each year, the Queen and other royals attend Royal Ascot events to raise funds for various charities, both local and international.

As the British Royal Family's presence at Royal Ascot continues to uphold tradition and showcase their dedication to horse racing, this prestigious event remains a highlight on the British summer social calendar.

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