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The history and origins of White Tie attire.

Delve into the illustrious past of White Tie attire – the pinnacle of elegance and sophistication. With origins dating back to the 19th century, White Tie has long been associated with the most elite and prestigious events. This dress code has evolved over time, yet remains an enduring symbol of refinement and class. 👔🎩

🤵 Featuring a tailcoat, waistcoat, and wing collar dress shirt paired with a white bow tie, White Tie is the ultimate formal dress code. The immaculate attention to detail in the design of each garment reflects the high standards expected of those who don this attire. 👌✨

💃 Alongside its male counterpart, women's White Tie attire consists of full-length ball gowns, exquisite jewelry, and elegant gloves – a nod to the glamour of days gone by. 🌟

👑 From royal banquets and diplomatic balls to red carpet events and exclusive galas, White Tie remains a testament to the rich history of formal wear and the art of dressing for the most important occasions. 💫

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White Tie