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A Semi-Formal Western Dress Code For Evening Events
In the 21st century black tie is often referred to as being semi-formal
Black tie is a semi-formal Western dress code for evening events, originating in British and American conventions for attire in the 19th century. In British English, the dress code is often referred to synecdochically by its principal element for men, the dinner suit or dinner jacket. In American English tuxedo is common. The dinner suit is a black, midnight blue or white two- or three-piece suit, distinguished by satin or grosgrain jacket lapels and similar stripes along the outseam of the trousers. It is worn with a white dress shirt with standing or turndown collar and link cuffs, a black bow tie, typically an evening waistcoat or a cummerbund, and black patent leather dress shoes or court pumps.[1]
Black Tie
A dinner suit is worn for occasions where "black tie" is required.

A semi-formal two-piece suit for evening wear, distinguished by satin or grosgrain silk jacket lapels, and a strip of braid along the outside leg of the trousers. This was created in the 1870's as a substitute for the tailcoat.

Our suits are made from black barathea wool and a shawl lapel single-breasted dinner suit exudes classic style.
We also have double-breasted jackets with peak lapels available in addition to traditional white starched dress shirts with a marcella front and turn-down collar; to be worn with cufflinks and black dress studs.
This accompanied by a black silk barathea bow-tie and cummerbund, patent dress shoes and a crisp white pocket square completes the outfit.

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